I had a knee that was probably going to need to be replaced in the next few years. It was in quite a bit of pain, and I tried several things to help, but nothing really made a huge difference. When I tried Rhavda’s Bruise Oil, I was amazed at how much pain relief it gave me and how much it improved the overall health of my knee. For best results, I use it three times a day…and more when it’s bothering me.
Kathy Barrett


I fell three days ago and hit my face and knee and caught the ground with my right hand. My face and knee were cut and bruised, and my right hand quickly became very difficult to move. My wife swears by the Bruise Oil for her knee and told me to use it. I put it on my cuts and bruises as well as on my hand. The night after I fell my hand was in a lot of pain, so I applied the Bruise Oil several times during the night and the following day or two. My cuts and bruises are fading away, and my hand is now 90% back to normal.
Boyd Barrett

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