The Cosmic Connection

This page is dedicated to sharing space for similar shops in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

♥The Enchanted Forest is located at 6619 E. Lancaster, Ft. Worth – you will find a wide array of crystals, books, herbs, statues, candles and other items

♥The Power of the Rainbow is located at 1730 Randol Mill Rd. Arlington, TX -you will find an amazing collection of crystals, jewelry and carved statues/figures as well as some of the most knowledgeable rock people I know.

♥Flowology is located at 2410 W. Abrams St. Arlington, TX- you will find specialty herbs, candles, crystals, teas as well as readings and healings

♥Soultopia is located at 900 W. Davis St. Dallas, TX–you will find an array of candles, crystals, herbs and incense as well as jewelry

♥  The Rock Barrell is located at 13650 TI blvd.Suite #104  Dallas, TX–This is the biggest rock/crystal store in the area to my knowledge.

♥Infinity Aroma Touch-Billie Lyde- 14330 Midway Rd. Farmers Branch, TX–Wellness Spa,

♥Shawn Lei, Intuitive- Ancient perspective on current events

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